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Berlin Manalaysay's Combatron: The Card Game Rise of Megadeath
Berlin Manalaysay's Combatron: The Card Game Rise of Megadeath
by Ludus Distributors, TEGR (The Epic Gaming Regiment) (2019)
Player Count
2 to 5

Player Ages

Playing Time
10 minutes to 15 minutes
  • Card Game
  • Expansion for Base-game
  • Fighting
  • Comic Book / Strip
  • Designers
  • Thomas Regala
  • Mechanisms
  • Rock-Paper-Scissors
  • Simultaneous Action Selection
  • Semi-Cooperative Game
  • Rating: 7/10 from 1 users


    The Battle is not yet finish. Be prepared for the bigger threat!

    The stand-alone expansion to Berlin Manalaysay's Combatron: The Card Game based on the popular 90's Filipino comic strip. More Space Warriors arrives including Axel, Armorgeddon, Mechababe and Combatron in his second armor. The game still uses the same mechanics from the first Combatron Card Game and can be combined with it.
    Power vs Power - Player with the highest total power wins and deals damage to opponent
    Power vs Assist - No Damage will be dealt but card effects will still trigger
    Assist vs Assist - Both cards will cancel out each others effects.

    The goal is still the same, have all your opponents take 4 damage and be the last one standing.

    In addition there is a new game mode called "Megadeath vs. Space Warriors" where 1 player takes the role of Megadeath with his arsenal and all other players with they're Space Warriors vying to defeat him.

    —user summary

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