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Benjamin Blümchen: Die Eimerparade
Benjamin Blümchen: Die Eimerparade
by Schmidt International (1998)
Player Count
3 to 6

Player Ages
  • Dice
  • Designers
  • Dirk Hanneforth
  • Mechanisms
  • Cooperative Play
  • Dice Rolling
  • Acting
  • Family
  • Characters: Benjamin the Elephant
  • Rating: 0/10 from 0 users


    Benjamin Blümchen he has come up with a particularly nice game: Baron von Zwiebelschreck has dammed up the river, and so the zoo is sitting on dry land, no more water for baby hippo Nino and the other animals. But if everyone helps and looks for the buckets, then water can be brought to the zoo,

    One player sacrifices himself and plays Baron Zwiebelschreck, he first hides the buckets in the room, then he makes sure that everything works and even gives tips on searching, but he is not allowed to search and roll the dice himself.

    Whoever's turn it is, rolls the dice and draws Benjamin. According to the field, on which Benjamin landed, is then searched for buckets or something happens to the cottages or buckets. During the search the baron builds a tower with the 30 wooden blocks, when he is done the search is over. The next player takes his turn and brings the tower down. The game is over as soon as all hidden buckets have been found

    —user summary

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