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Bedeville Carnival: Collector's Box Edition
Bedeville Carnival: Collector's Box Edition
by Loodo Ninja (2022)
Player Count
2 to 4

Player Ages

Playing Time
30 minutes to 50 minutes
  • Horror
  • Humor
  • Zombies
  • Designers
  • Wojciech Wons
  • Bart?omiej Zielonka
  • Alicja Bator
  • Pawe? Zygar
  • Mechanisms
  • Modular Board
  • Press Your Luck
  • Action/Event
  • End Game Bonuses
  • Hidden Victory Points
  • Artists
  • Paulina Opak
  • Family
  • Crowdfunding: Kickstarter
  • Admin: Unreleased Games
  • Creatures: Zombies
  • Crowdfunding: Gamefound
  • Rating: 0/10 from 0 users


    The Collector's Box features upgraded components but also more game play content that won't be in the retail version.

    There will be more characters, more cards, and different variants of the same components such as metal coins.

    Over the years, a lively town has fallen into ruin. Disturbing stories that surround Bedeville can send shivers down your spine. One of them, often considered the most real, tells a tale of Mr. Carl - a grave keeper and a grim owner of a local theme park.

    Mr. Carl arrived in Bedeville back when life and happiness bloomed in every corner of this little town. As a juggler and later - grave digger in a nearby graveyard, he barely made the ends meet. How did he get the fortune that let him create a theme park? We will probably never learn. Some think that he made a pact with a malignant, and fun-loving Trickster. That’s the only explanation for what happened next, including the nightmare, that led Bedeville to its downfall. Citizens were forced to leave this grim place while Mr. Carl ended up doomed to eternal torment. What kind of torment? Having his theme park be visited by “unique” guests like the undead from the nearby graveyard. Additionally, to make Mr. Carl even angrier, they’re invited every night by the ticket seller, who opens the grounds of Bedeville Carnival when dusk arrives.

    This is where your adventure begins. As corpses from the nearby graveyard, you will visit the crazy attractions of the theme park. It doesn’t matter when and how you ended up in this burial ground. Each night an eerie force makes you wake up from the eternal slumber and feel alive again. Each night you will discover new attractions and collect Souvenirs before they’ll get grabbed by grave digger’s mean cat called Fleabag. But beware! Mr. Carl can catch you anytime and chase you back to the cemetery.

    The game is played in consecutive player turns. Each player has the goal of collecting the most Joy Markers and Souvenirs sold in the local Booths. When all Souvenirs end up being sold to the players - the game concludes. The player, who at the end has the most victory points awarded for their Joy Markers and Souvenirs collected, becomes the winner.

    Every Player picks their favorite undead unafraid of any, even the most dangerous Attractions. Next, you draw the crazy Attractions that the characters will move through during the game. By visiting more and more Attractions and performing Actions from the Attractions you will attempt to outsmart your graveyard friends. By using Actions in a smart way a Player will attempt to hold their position on a specific Attraction. Only this way they will be able to buy Souvenirs next turn. At the end of each turn, a player draws one Trickster’s token from the bag and checks what destiny has for them in-store. Attractions generate Noise Markers. The more Noise, the bigger the chance that the Attractions will make the grave keeper arrive and chase the player’s character back to the graveyard.

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