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Beast Master Tale
Beast Master Tale
by NINJAWORKS (2015)
Player Count
2 to 4

Player Ages

Playing Time
30 minutes to 1 hour
  • Fantasy
  • Adventure
  • Mythology
  • Animals
  • Designers
  • Takashi Sakaue
  • Mechanisms
  • Modular Board
  • Area Movement
  • Rating: 6.95/10 from 20 users


    A player becomes Kyuubi and travels through the corrupting world.
    While fighting with Beasts, you will gain allies, collect sacred treasures,
    and train up your party.
    Your goal is to go to the celestial realm, fight against Izanami,
    and win before the world completely perishes.

    ? Objective of the game
    When either of the following two are fulfilled, the game ends.

    ? Victory in decisive battle
    Fight against "Izanami," whom the decisive battle board indicates.
    When a player wins the battle,
    the game immediately ends and the player will be the winner of the game.

    ? Destruction of the world
    At the end of a turn, when 8 land boards are face down,
    except for "The Road to celestial realm," the game ends.
    The world is destroyed and all players will lose the game.

    ? Game flow
    You will repeat destruction phase and travel phase.

    1, Destruction phase
    A bad beast begins to appear in the peaceful world under the influence of Izanami.
    The world where two bad beasts appeared becomes the destruction.

    2, travel phase
    Start the game from the player with Jewel token, and ao around once clockwise.

    ? Play
    ? Move
    Move your own kyuubi token.

    ? Encounter
    If there is a Beast card on your Kyuubi token, you will start a battle.

    ? Effect of land
    Execute the land effect, where your Kyuubi token stays.

    ? End of battle and rewards

    • Victory

    • If you win the battle, you get either of the following two rewards.
    ? Acquire the enemy card
    ? Acquire experience value

    ? Decisive battle
    You will battle against Izanami in a decisive battle.
    Its strength is determined by the position of decisive battle status cubes.

    When you win the battle against Izanami, you will be the winner of the game!

    ? Items
    ? jewel token
    A player, who has a jewel, plays the game in journey phase first.

    ? mirror token
    A card that has a mirror token placed on it acquires magic attack power value,
    which is equal to the number of cards of the player's party, except the Kyuubi card.

    ? sword token
    A card that has a sword token placed on it acquires physical attack power value,
    which is equal to the number of cards of the player's party, except the Kyuubi card.

    • Herb

    If you use a herb, you can recover up to 3 strengths of any one card of your party.

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