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Batman: Gotham City Chronicles – Prof. Pyg's Gang


These freaks created by the insane Professor Pyg have two different profiles on the same double tile.

Horse Head and Bull Head are big and tough and have a nigh impenetrable defense. Their attacks are dreadful, especially when you know their weapon’s length. These creatures may perform complex manipulations, even if they are not particularly gifted at doing so.

Rooster Head and Goat Head are puny, but harder to hit. They are not as fearsome as their companions, but if you let them slip out of your sight, they’ll be behind your back in a second. Be careful of their rapid strikes, as they may injure you badly. They are capable of complex thoughts, but aren’t better than the other two with manipulations.

On top of that, their frightening look gives them significant menace. Anybody trying to sneak up close on them is instantly repelled.

Prof.Pyg is not required to be your villain in order to use the Prof. Pyg’s Gang tile. They are separate from their creator.

—description from the publisher

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