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Batman: Gotham City Chronicles – League of Assassins Expansion


The League of Assassins is a thematic expansion for BATMAN™: GOTHAM CITY CHRONICLES that offers players a chance to play a 3-mission campaign, in which the heroes try to thwart Ra’s Al Ghul and his league’s plans to wipe out Gotham City.
Ra’s Al Ghul is among Batman’s most dangerous and formidable foes. Backed by an international eco-terrorist organization, Ra’s has returned to carry out his Machiavellian plans. His daughter Talia, her twisted son Heretic, and the fearsome lady Shiva make their BATMAN™: GOTHAM CITY CHRONICLES debut in this exciting, action-packed expansion.
The League of Assassins expansion includes 12 new minis, their tiles and 3 New Adventure mode missions, that can be played sequentially as a campaign.
The Assassins and Assassins with rifle can be used as substitutes in corebox Adventure Mode missions and are fully recruitable in Versus Mode missions.

Ra’s Al Ghul goal: to Cleanse Gotham City, creeps ever closer in this 3-mission mini campaign – He’s going to need all his cunning to outwit the Bat-team.
To even up the odds – Ra’s Al Ghul plans to augment his faithful assassins, increasing their destructive capacity and giving them an edge to stand firm against Gotham City’s guardians.
Creating these boosted troops is going to be a challenge- he’s going to have to obtain a DNA sample from his Grandson Damien, Prof Langstrom’s formula and hardest of all-- some DNA from the Batman himself. Once these elements are gathered together, the Demons Head will create his Man-Bat commandos, poor copies of The Man-Bat augmented by Bruce’s DNA.

What this villain succeeds in amassing during mission 1&2 determines the Man-Bat commandos stats in mission 3.

Ra’s Al Ghul (The Demon’s Head)
Just how old is he? This scheming terrorist that cannot die - at least not permanently? Six centuries? Longer? His real name remains unknown, but the Egyptian name “Ra’s Al Ghul” (the Ghouls head”) has long been whispered in fear.
His secular experience makes him a formidable opponent: he is one of Batman’s few enemies that knows his secret identity.
Additionally when his luck runs out, Ra's can count on the strange Lazarus Pits, filled with a mysterious rejuvenating liquid, located in places loaded with mystical energy, to come back to life.
Life, moreover, is his obsession, and he is ready to erase all traces of humanity to enable nature to regain its rights and create a world in perfect environmental balance.
Over time, Ra's has had several wives, and several children, the most formidable of which is his daughter Talia, who aspires to take over his terrorist organization, the League of Assassins. She also gave him a grandson, Damian, Bruce Waynes’ son.
In contrast to his corebox profile, where he supported his men, this time The Demon’s head is leading from the front, showcasing his superb munitions skills and taking full advantage of his Lazarus Pit dips induced regeneration skill.
Versus power
As Head of the League, his Assassins accompany him at all times –the event tile with an Assassins tile. At the beginning of the mission replace the event card with the Assassins tile. This tile provides 2 Assassins minis instead of the normal 4.

Talia Al Ghul
Talia is the daughter of Ra’s Al Ghul and the on-and-off romantic interest of Batman. Her relationship with Bruce has always been complicated; the two belong to two very different worlds and often take conflicting moral stances. On one occasion, when Bruce lay drugged and injured, Talia conceived his child—a fact that would remain unknown to him for many years. Talia raised Damian according to her own standards and beliefs and this tale of secrecy did little to settle Talia and Batman’s tumultuous love-hate relationship. Regardless of her connection to Bruce or her father, Talia remains a powerful individual in her own right.
Trained since childhood, Talia has grown into an accomplished warrior. She is equally proficient in melee and ranged combat, which are boosted by her martial arts and marksman skills.
As with all league members- handling explosives is an innate ability.
Versus power
Talia Al Ghul, worthy daughter of Ra’s ramps up the firepower.
recruits 3 assassins with rifle and replaces the event tile by their tile.
At the beginning of the mission replace the event tile with an Assassins with rifle tile. This tile provides 3 Assassins with rifle minis instead of the normal 4.

Lady Shiva
There are many hired assassins in the world, but few as formidable as Sandra Wu-San. She is arguably the most accomplished martial artist in the world, even challenging the likes of Richard Dragon and Batman. She tends to work for the highest bidder as long as the contract doesn’t break her curious code of honor. She has even worked for Ra's Al Ghul and the League of Assassins. Her only weakness is that she seeks an opponent who can actually defeat her. At this point she has yet to find one, but perhaps someday her daughter, Cassandra Cain, will provide the challenge she so desperately craves.
A Master assassin, this lady annihilates her opponents. And if a hero is foolish enough to throw down, odds are they won’t live to regret the decision.
Versus power
Expert in assassination, she targets an opponent’s Leader or Lieutenant, hunts them down and strikes (Melee attack) with 2 orange dice and level 2 poison.

When the League of Assassins created Damian Wayne, it was a complex and delicate process. In the end, Talia Al Ghul was not completely satisfied with her son’s loyalty or his capabilities. To improve on this design, she employed blasphemous arts and cloned him in the hope of creating a perfect warrior—one who would be fully grown, merciless, and, most importantly, obedient. What she ultimately got was a monstrous killing machine—another creation she deemed a failure.
This fearless product of the Al Ghul’s experimentation with Damian’s DNA delivers devastating blows, this combined with his ability to take on multiple opponents make him the League member of choice to break through the other sides lines and take out its leader.
Versus power
Fury of the clone
Damian’s clone performs a melee attack using berserk skill level 2.

Assassins with rifle
Adept at ranged combat, these new troops are also explosives experts.
They can be substituted in the following corebox Adventure Mode Missions –
“To Sink a City”, “Chain Mutation”, “An Icy Welcome”, “Suicide Escape” or “Sleep Well Children”.
Heads up – when a villain chooses to replace a tile in their river, he does so BEFORE the heroes form their team from the available choices.

The triple skilled troop type, they are good in a fight, move quickly and avoid ranged attacks, but remain fragile in melee in comparison to other Elite troops.
They can be substituted in the following corebox Adventure Mode Missions –
“To Sink a City”, “An Icy Welcome”, “Good Cops / Bad Cops” or “Sleep Well Children”.

—description from the publisher

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