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Batman: Gotham City Chronicles – KGBeast


During the time of the Soviet Union, Anatoly Knyazev became the KGB’s most ruthless assassin. His ferocity and extreme methods earned him the codename ‘The Beast’. Even after the collapse of the USSR, he remained nostalgic and committed to the ideals of the Soviet era. As a mercenary, he still favored political targets, including the President of the USA. When a contract brought him to Gotham City, he caught the attention of Batman and the two formidable warriors clashed in a series of brutal fights. Though Batman eventually defeated the mercenary, he earned himself a sworn enemy.

A former KGB agent and seasoned mercenary, this efficient killing machine is highly skilled and has mastered hand to hand combat and the art of the killshot, which is reflected in his awesome action bonuses.

He has remembered everything he learnt while following his wartorn path, especially anything explosives related.

—description from the publisher

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