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The Lost Levels is a Kickstarter Exclusive add-on expansion that adds hours of gameplay, beautiful miniatures, and expanded lore.

In the Lost Levels, your heroes will come up against the Mechanica—otherworldly creatures awoken from slumber. These mechanical-bodied enemies prowl the depths, searching for intruders and introducing challenging new combat puzzles for you to puzzle out...

The Lost Levels expansion adds several additional adventures to your campaigns, set directly after defeating the Fearsome Greater Demon.

These adventures and their encounters are set in new locations you won’t have encountered before, with a host of new challenges and enemies.

The Kickstarter Exclusive Lost Levels expansion comes with:
8 Lightblades
6 Blasters
3 Assassins
2 Guardians
1 Cogseer
1 Colossal
Adventure Book
130 Cards
Lost Levels Tile Set

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