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Arby: The Meter Reader Game
Arby: The Meter Reader Game
by Neptune Meter Company (1970)
Player Count
2 to 5
  • Dice
  • Industry / Manufacturing
  • Educational
  • Mechanisms
  • Roll / Spin and Move
  • Simulation
  • Dice Rolling
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    'Arby' is a game created by Neptune Meter Company and appears to be a sales/promotional tool extolling the benefits of one of their products (the ARB) that allows water meter readers to do their job electronically, automatically, and remotely.

    From the box:

    "The ARBY game can be played by 2, 3, 4, or 5 players. One player is the ARB meter reader who reads the meters without entering the house; the others are conventional meter readers who must enter the house to obtain the reading. The playing board is arranged in four WATER DISTRICTS or routes of six houses each with the WATER OFFICE in the center where the game is started and finished. The goal of each player is to read all his meters and arrive back at the WATER OFFICE before the other reader (or readers). The ARB reader must read the meters in all 24 houses on the board; the conventional reader reads only six houses (or one fourth of the board)."

    The players all start in the Water Office where they each roll a die. The highest number is the ARB reader. The others choose their routes in order of the die number rolled.

    When the ARB reader player reaches a dot outside a house they draw a card which will either give them the meter reading or present an obstacle. ARB player does not have to enter a house to get the reading. Once read they move on to next house.

    When a conventional reader player reaches a dot outside a house they draw a card which will either allow them to enter the house or give them some reason they cannot. If allowed into the house they wait until their next turn and then rolls the die. If an EVEN number is rolled they put their pawn on the inside dot where they 'read' the meter by drawing another card which allows the reading or presents an obstacle. Once the meter is read player must roll an ODD number to exit the house. On the next turn they head to the next house.

    This continues until a player reaches their quota (6 for conventional or 24 for ARB) at which point they race back to the WATER OFFICE. First one there by exact roll amount WINS.


    - Playing board
    - One die
    - Five meter reader characters, One ARB reader and Four conventional readers (pawns)
    - 24 Lockout Markers (plastic discs)
    - 30 matching colored cards for each conventional meter reader (18 large, 12 small - in 4 colors)
    - 24 white cards for the ARB meter reader

    There is apparently a follow up game called 'Carby'.

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