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by (Self-Published) (2019)
Player Count
2 to 8

Player Ages

Playing Time
1 hour, 30 minutes to 3 hours
  • Fighting
  • Humor
  • Animals
  • Mature / Adult
  • Designers
  • Alain Matte
  • Artists
  • Alain Matte
  • Family
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    Overview :
    You are ferocious convicts locked up on Animalcatraz island with savage psychos, rats, corrupt guards and ruthless gangs. It's a jungle in there. BE KING...or BREAK OUT!

    Animalcatraz is a 2 to 8 player competitive RPG that has you taking turns playing unique feral Convicts from their 1st day behind bars. Commit inside crimes to raise your REPUTATION and become KINGPIN or plan the perfect ESCAPE to win.

    Game scenarios:
    All 8 included Convicts can join the 4 Gangs in combinations for creative scenarios and strong replayability. Newbie? start off easy as a «Regular». Then, up the strategy in «Gang Leader» and play 2 to 4 convicts each at a time! Try «Turf War» with up to 8 fiends in teams of 2 and take on opposing gangs in riots. Experienced lifer? Go «EL Chapo» and pull off an escape while being Kingpin!

    The Gameplay:
    Convicts start with unique Cunning and Strength levels. Actions per round, Weapons of choice, Carry Item slots and the capability to unleash Primal instincts and rage-boost their stats. Convicts' Strength are for brutal attacks, Cunning for Theft and Corruption, both for Escaping and Recruiting Gangsters. Succeeding in the above raises your REPUTATION, but fail, then lose REP!

    Game duration is set in Days each divided in 3 Rounds (am/noon/pm) that define players' turns. Every Round is dynamic as guards change position based on dice-roll which opens up prison areas, convicts get Contraband in their cells and Event cards are turned. Then comes nightfall. Convicts can risk the great Escape or sleep to upgrade. A new day in hell begins!

    On your turn, pick from your Cell Stash what Contraband to pocket as your hidden Carry items. Then, leave your cell and pass gangster-filled cellblocks, prowling opponents and guarded rooms, while using up your limited Actions. Choose to use more Actions by upgrading your Strength with a Workout in the Courtyard, Corrupting guards, Recruiting Gangsters etc. Manage those Actions wisely. It's key.

    Trade in contraband and other items to get improvised weapons, armor, upgrades, escape tools, nasty traps and more! All items show their Trade value on both sides of the card. Reveal only the back of the card to keep wary opponents guessing. Could be a sharpened toothbrush, broken glass cell trap or Escape tool? Need to attack or steal to find out!

    Preyed upon? End your turn next to a guard for protection. Or, better. Corrupt a guard aided by contraband bribes like booze, pills and porn. Owning this guard will grant you access to a restricted area, leave opponents unprotected and take control of the board.

    The more, the bloodier! Recruit skill-specific Gangsters to do your dirty work, break bones in riots, steal or gang up on opponents. But they ain't free, as a new day means you gotta' pay to keep em'. These brawlers, pushers & hookers will pimp up your REPUTATION too. So, use them to complete Crime Assignments such as Fight Clubs, Cartels, Bordellos etc. It will boost your rank in the race to become crowned KING!

    -description from designer

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