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Alteil: Horizons
Alteil: Horizons
by Apocoplay LLC (2014)
Player Count
1 to 2

Player Ages

Playing Time
30 minutes
  • Card Game
  • Fantasy
  • Collectible Components
  • Electronic
  • Video Game Theme
  • Math
  • Mechanisms
  • Campaign / Battle Card Driven
  • Hand Management
  • Card Drafting
  • Deck / Pool Building
  • Grid Movement
  • Player Elimination
  • Rating: 0/10 from 0 users


    Turn based tactics meets collectible card gaming in a Japanese RPG-style online game by the creators of Star Ocean & Valkyrie Profile

    Take a collectible card game, add turn-based strategy, and bring it to life with stunning Japanese artwork and story-driven role-playing. This is Alteil: Horizons, the all new sequel to one of Japan’s most popular online card games, soon to be ready for fantasy, tactical combat, card game, and anime enthusiasts worldwide.

    Four Gods Sleep Under Lavato…

    Harness Their Power!

    You are an Iczer, a summoner and master strategist tasked with protecting the world of Lavato from the forces of Batora, the embodiment of evil accross all dimensions. An ancient struggle between Batora and the four Old Gods of Lavato drained the Gods of power, sinking them into a sleep that has lasted thousands of years. But the Gods still influence Lavato from the depths of slumber…

    One night, a new Prince is born, and the sun suddenly rises. Night becomes day, and a miracle is proclaimed. The Church of the True God takes advantage of the miracle to orchestrate the installation of the Solar Prince to the throne - and the ensuing power struggle plunges Lavato into war.

    With the violence, tragedy, and death of the war, Batora’s hunger for evil and chaos is stoked - and he’s set his sights on Lavato again! But with the Old Gods deep in slumber, who will protect Lavato from Batora’s endless rage?

    Now is the time of the Iczers. They’ve studied the legends of Lavato’s Old Gods. They’ve learned to command the Gods’ powerful Four Spheres of Influence. They’ve mastered the art of using these Spheres to summon heroes, monsters, and dragons to battle the forces of chaos and evil. Will you be the brave Iczer who saves Lavato from destruction?

    As in any collectible card game, a game of Alteil: Horizons begins with carefully crafting a deck. There’s a universe of over 1,000 cards to choose from, each representing the factions, heroes, villains, monsters and magic of Lavato’s past and present. Your collection begins with any of four free 30-card starter decks, themed around the four Spheres.

    Once you’ve challenged another Iczer to a duel, use your resources wisely to play your cards. Spell cards represent your command of the Spheres; unit cards represent your ability to summon heroes and monsters. Each unit is a fully fleshed-out combatant, complete with hit points, attack and defense power, agility, and range. Combat takes place on a battle grid - maneuver your units so that their unique abilities fit your winning strategy. And their abilities really are unique! A fighter with two swords might be able to hit two enemies at once; a mage can tap into your resources to play spells that wreak havoc on the entire battlefield! You have complete control of each unit’s abilities during combat.

    A number of features set Alteil apart from the other online card games out there. For example...

    Range based grid: position archers behind your front-line fighters to launch a ranged attack. Position your mages in the rear to protect them as they cast powerful defensive and offensive spells.

    Resource recycling: when a card dies, you get back the resources you spent on it. Two small soldiers die? Use the Spell Points they originally cost to bring out something big and scary.

    Revival system: if a unit dies you can spend a copy of it from your deck to revive it on the battlefield. Keep your best soldiers alive to execute killer multi-unit combos!

    Soul Cards: influence the pace of the game by choosing your starting Life Points and Soul Skills. Give yourself stronger Soul Skills and less Life for a more offense-based approach, or give yourself more Life Points to buy time for a crafty strategy.

    Day/Night cycle: as duels rage on, the sun rises and sets. Units like the Undead and Werewolves are stronger at night - while a holy warrior gets bonuses under the first rays of morning - so summon them when they’ll be most effective!

    Alteil has over two thousand individual pieces of art completed already. It’s got the visual style and story of a Japanese RPG. It’s got unique game mechanics. We hope you’ll become a huge fan. We already are. This is Alteil: Horizons.

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