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Alice in Shroomland
Alice in Shroomland
by (Self-Published) (2017)
Player Count
1 to 4

Player Ages

Playing Time
30 minutes to 1 hour
  • Card Game
  • Exploration
  • Party Game
  • Designers
  • Nick Leo
  • Mechanisms
  • Cooperative Play
  • Card Drafting
  • Player Elimination
  • Artists
  • Alisha Volkman
  • Family
  • Characters: Alice In Wonderland
  • Crowdfunding: Kickstarter
  • Rating: 6.4/10 from 5 users


    Alice returns from Wonderland only to go back to her same, old, absolutely boring life. She wakes up, has tea, plays croquet, strolls through the gardens, and then goes to sleep at night only to soon repeat her daily, mundane, routine.

    Alice becomes very disappointed with the simplicity of her life and decides to go out on an adventure. She travels to where she fell down the rabbit hole but alas, there is none when she returns. She sits and thinks and thinks and sits.

    All of a sudden, a flower wiggles out of its seedpod underground, squiggles through the grass, and grows right up in front of her. Before her very eyes a wild white rose blooms and when the petals open, a small vial is revealed. “Eat Me” reads a tag on the bottle. Alice cocks her head to the side and thinks, “This seems familiar. Eating organic is safe, so this must be safe”.

    In a dimwitted manner, she opens the vial, chews the contents, and swallows, tossing the vial behind her when finished. Alice sits there and stares at the clouds, as she often does. Not soon after, Alice begins to feel light headed. She then finds herself falling down a hole that opens up beneath her. Here we go again…

    There are (3) game modes in Alice in Shroomland; Cooperative Board Game (1-4 Players), Competitive Board Game (2-4 Players), and Alice in Shroomland The Card Game (2-4 Players).

    Cooperative Game Mode (Approximately 2 - 3 Hours): In Cooperative game mode Players control Characters called Trippers (the good guys). Players work together and take turns moving their Trippers around the open game board to enter flipped down areas called Dimensions. Dimensions contain lurking Evildoers (the not as nice guys). These Evildoers must be defeated!!! They are trying to ruin the trips and fun of Shroomland's denizens!

    Next comes battle. When all Trippers who intend to engage in battle are ready, the Tripper calls out "I'm ready to Trip!" When this is done, all entrances and exits to the dimension seal and battle commences until all Evildoers or all Trippers in that dimension have been defeated! A defeated Character is called "Unfortunately Sober.” After 3 turns, Unfortunately Sober Trippers return to The Rabbit Hole which is in the center of the game map. After all Evildoers in the dimension are defeated, each Player gets treasure. Evildoers do not come back after being made Unfortunately Sober.

    This process of traversing the map and defeating Evildoers is completed until Players reach The Dark Forest. The Evil Magic Mushroom Leader resides in The Dark Forest. This is the final battle! Lose against The Evil Magic Mushroom Leader and the game is lost.

    A few things to note:
    - The Dimension tiles are drawn randomly so every time you play is a different board layout.
    - Each Dimension has a random "What's Here" card. It contains the number of Evildoers in the dimension, who controls the evildoers in the dimension, the number of treasures each Player receives after battle, and the random Dimension effect affecting the dimension, which could be either beneficial or hindering to the Trippers and Evildoers.
    - Players gain additional Trippers as they adventure Shroomland. These Trippers are hiding! Traverse Shroomland to find them all!
    - Power-ups and curses are found while adventuring Shroomland. They help or hinder a Character. Some permanently increase the number of dice rolled to attack, others reduce Trip Speed, along with other effects.
    - Magical Shroom Effects only affect the Characters YOU control. If you cause it, you deal with it!

    Competitive Game Mode (Approximately 1 - 2 Hours): In competitive game mode, Players control BOTH Trippers and Evildoers on an open game board collecting mushrooms throughout Shroomland. Each Dimension a Player ends their turn in yields mushrooms. The first Player to 80 Magical Shrooms wins! But watch out! Battle between Players occurs and it is either you or them! Who’s it gonna be?

    A few things to note:
    - After (3) turns, Unfortunately Sober Characters do not return until a "Freshen Up" card is played.
    - The Magical Shroom Shop is open and ready for business! You can expend mushroom tokens in this shop to buy additional Characters, Curses, Power-ups, Curse Removals, Freshen Ups (Revives), etc.

    - Magical Shroom Effects affect the Characters YOU choose. If you cause it, you deal it! Backstabbing at its finest!

    Alice in Shroomland The Card Game (Approximately 30 - 45 Minutes): In Alice in Shroomland The Card Game, Players go head to head trying to destroy opposing Players' Magical Shroom supplies! But hurry! At the end of each Player's turn, they will discard a Magical Shroom Token. It's a race against the clock!

    A few things to note:

    - Players begin the game with 20 Magical Shroom Tokens. These Shrooms are protected by Trippers and Evildoers. Don't leave your defenses open!

    - If you end your turn with 0 Magical Shrooms, you lose the game!
    - At the end of each Player's turn, that Player discards a Magical Shroom token.
    - Players control BOTH Trippers and Evildoers.
    - Each turn could mean the difference between winning and losing. Luck and strategy are EQUALLY important in this game mode!
    - Players are able to buy from the Shroom Shop! Be careful! You only begin with 20 Magical Shrooms. Spend them wisely!

    - The same game components that are used in the Cooperative and Competitive game modes are what is used for Alice in Shroomland The Card Game. No need to buy additional game components to play!

    What’s included in Alice in Shroomland???

    The components of Alice in Shroomland include:

    (2) Alice in Shroomland game boards
    (6) Boss Dimension Tiles
    (16) Fun Dimension Tiles
    (12) Tripper Stat Tiles
    (24) Tripper Level Up Double-Sided Stat Tiles
    (8) Boss Evildoer Stat Tiles
    (40) Fun Evildoer Stat Cards
    (4) Curse Cards
    (30) Magical Shroom Effect Cards
    (21) What’s Here Cards
    (72) Treasure Cards
    (60) Character Standees
    (40) Green Trip Duration Tokens of 1’s, 5’s, and 10’s
    (40) Purple Magical Mushroom Tokens of 1’s, 5’s, and 10’s
    (51) Green and Yellow Temporary Power-up Tokens
    (4) Double-Sided Tiles (1 side lists out the turn phases for all 3 Game Modes and the other side lists which Characters are powered up in each Dimension).
    (1) Rule Set
    (1) Set of 8 Custom-made jade green Mushroom Dice with golden Mischievous Mushrooms representing the 1’s on the Dice.

    What does my Character get to do???

    (Use an image of The Sly Cheshire Cat Stat Tile as an example)
    How to read a Character Stat Tile:

    Trip Duration is a representation of "Health". Every time a Character takes damage they add (1) Trip Duration Token by the amount of damage dealt. A Character who reaches the Trip Duration listed on their Stat Tile becomes Unfortunately Sober. The Sly Chesire Cat can take 6 points of damage before she becomes Unfortunately Sober.

    Trip Speed is a representation of how many actions a Character can take on their turn. Trip Speed resets on a Character's next turn. The Sly Cheshire Cat can take 1 action on her turn.

    - Each Character may perform (1) of (5) available actions on their turn. Each action costs (1) Trip Speed. They can either:
    (1) Move. Each Character has a “Trip Speed” which is the number of spaces a Character can move each turn.
    (2) Brutally Attack. A Character may attack an adjacent Character. This is done by rolling the custom made mushroom dice, calculating the total, and subtracting this from the Character’s current Trip Duration. A Character with (0) Trip Duration is Unfortunately Sober. The mushroom dice scores are Mushroom = (2) points, 3 or 5 = (1) point, and 2, 4, and 6 = (0) points.

    (3) Use a Magical Shroom Ability. Each Character has a special power that they can expend mushroom tokens to use. Players start out with a set number of mushroom tokens and find more in treasure chests by adventuring Shroomland and defeating Evildoers. Tripping is unpredictable. It could be the best or worst experience of their life! Each player needs to draw a number of Magical Shroom Ability Effects after using their Magical Shroom Ability. They range from healing, to teleporting, to making Trippers unfortunately sober. Do you dare to shroom?
    (4) Move. Sightseeing is fun! Go visit another Dimension!

    (5) Do nothing. Simply chill and do nothing.

    Brutal Attack is a representation of how many dice a Character rolls when attacking a Character. The Sly Cheshire Cat rolls 2 Brutality Dice while attacking a Character.

    Magical Shroom Ability is, as with real mushroom tripping, a personality trait that is amplified when a Character consumes Magical Mushrooms. The Sly Cheshire Cat's Magical Shroom Ability is called "Where did I go?" This means that when The Sly Cheshire Cat activates her special ability, she turn invisible and take no damage until her next turn. While invisible she can also attack a Character.

    Magical Shroom Ability Cost is a representation of how many Magical Mushrooms a Character must consume (discard) to activate their special ability. Players start out with Magical Mushrooms (different for each game mode) and gain more the further they traverse Shroomland. When The Sly Cheshire Cat activates "Where did I go?" the Player controlling The Sly Cheshire Cat must discard 2 of the Magical Mushrooms that they have.

    Magical Shroom Ability Effects is a representation of how many Magical Shroom Ability Effects cards a Character draws when activating their Magical Shroom Ability. As with real mushroom tripping, tripping in Shroomland is unpredictable. These cards have beneficial and hindering effects. The Sly Cheshire Cat must draw 3 Magical Shroom Ability Effect Cards whenever she activates her "Where did I go?"!

    Level Up: All 12 Trippers (The Nice Characters) are able to level up in any game mode (up to Level 5) at the cost of (5) Magical Mushrooms each time they level up. Leveling up a Character changes that Characters current Stat Tile to a more powerful Character Stat Tile.

    (Use the image of all The Denizens of Shroomland)
    Meet The Denizens of Shroomland!

    It wouldn't be a party without guests! Meet the denizens of Shroomland!

    There are 24 different Characters inhabiting Shroomland. Of these 24 Different Characters, the 12 Trippers are able to level up from Level 1 to Level 5.

    Trippers (the good guys) include:
    The Beguiling Alice - Although dimwitted, she loves to adventure. She enjoys running into unknown areas of Shroomland called "Dimensions" without thinking first. Wait, where did she go? I was just introducing her and she's already gone. Oh! She's over chewing on a boulder. I'll go get her.
    The Insane Mad Hatter - Does he really need an introduction with a name like that? He can really take a beating since he can heal himself. Who knew ingesting arsenic for so many years would come in handy for this guy.
    The Sly Cheshire Cat - A cat like no other. Enjoys laying in trees, playing with butterflies, and occasionally turning invisible to attack unsuspecting Evildoers. He'll really claw your eyes out if you get on his bad side.
    The Pure White Rabbit - The fastest Character in the Shroomland. The Tart Queen has toughened him up over the years which has caused him to learn how to create a magical damage-absorbing shield.
    The Tart Queen - Don't mess with this lady! She gets what she wants, when she wants it! Period!
    The Tiny Little King - I don't know what he sees in her, but this is The Tart Queen's husband. While very... petite, he controls an army of Mischievous Mushrooms to do his bidding.
    The So Stoned Caterpillar - He's off in his own little world. In fact, he hardly moves at all. He is so in tune with his own mind that he can telepathically attack any Character from anywhere in Shroomland.
    The Wingman March Hare - This guy has game! He's up for anything and just goes with the flow. You'll see what I mean when you activate his special ability.
    The Drunk Dormouse - The exact definition of a lush. He may be tiny, but you would be surprised how strong this little guy can become after having a few too many cocktails!
    The Flightless Dodo - While he may not be able to fly, that hasn't stopped this ambitious bird from soaring to the top! Watch out! He lays egg bombs and knows exactly how to throw them!
    The Badass Duchess - Nobody ever gives this woman any credit! She picks up after the spoiled Obnoxiously Whining Baby! If she can handle that and put up with The Tart Queen, then she can surely take down some Evildoers... and if she doesn't want to deal with them, then she can just use her awesome black arts skills to curse Evildoers and let someone else deal with them.

    The Obnoxiously Whining Baby - Have I said enough? If you are near him, his deafening cry will not only paralyze you, but will also make your eardrums bleed.

    Junior Evildoers (the weak bad guys) include:

    An Unbelievably Fake Chair - Did that chair just move? Watch out! This chair throws splinters at passerby's.

    A Mischievous Mushroom - These little guys are the minions of The Evil Magic Mushroom Leader. Wherever these little scamps go, magic surely happens.

    A Scandalous Oyster - Just one look at these little cuties and you will lay down your weapons... or at least that's what they want you to do. Talk about a bait and switch... pun intended!

    A Smelly Flower - After you realize your companion didn't fart you'll realize your in danger. These flowers pack a powerful and toxic stench.

    Boss Evildoers (the really strong bad guys) include:

    The Cannibal Cook - He would love to have you over for dinner... literally. The Cannibal Cook enjoys throwing pepper at anything that moves. When the victim starts sneezing uncontrollably is when he makes his move.

    The Ninnyhammer Tweedledee and The Ninnyhammer Tweedledumb - Twin brothers to eachother, and 30 seconds apart. The two brothers have grown up and walked different paths through life. One brother has become a bonafide healer using reason over strength while the other brother smashes everything in sight while focusing on strength over reason.

    The Tart Queen's Ugly Reflection - Okay I have to admit if I were stuck in a mirror with The Tart Queen all day I would probably be Evil too! Don't get too close! The Tart Queen's Ugly Reflection can swap bodies with her victims.

    The Vapid Daisy Sister - One of three unique sisters, The Vapid Daisy Sister is the youngest of her sisters and is also dumber than a rock. However, her cheerful personalty makes up for what she lacks in brain power.

    The Vapid Rose Sister - The second of three sister, The Vapid Rose Sister is a seductress like none seen before. She lures her partners in with her curvaceous appeals until within her grasps and then lets loose with her thorns.

    The Vapid Tiger Lily Sister - The third of three sisters, The Vapid Tiger Lily Sister knows what she wants and takes it! She is able to rally followers and take what she wants by force.

    The Evil Magic Mushroom Leader - The Evil Magic Mushroom Leader is the unofficial Evil King of Shroomland. Nothing happens in Shroomland that he doesn't know about. He has the power to release spores causing any Characters nearby to instantaneously trip.


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