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After the End
After the End
by RN estudio (2014)
Player Count
1 to 4

Player Ages

Playing Time
1 hour, 30 minutes
  • Exploration
  • Adventure
  • Designers
  • Francisco Quiñones Aguilera
  • Artists
  • Vincent Devault
  • Family
  • Crowdfunding: Indiegogo
  • Rating: 8/10 from 5 users


    After The End approaches humankind status after a world apocalypse and more specifically, the fight for survival in a hostile environment (Hostile environment=Toxic atmosphere) where everyone wants the same for their people. Each player will fight first against the game in order to survive, and then against the other players to become the one who takes more objectives (SP=Survival Points) to his/her Shelter before the Storm returns.


    A huge meteorological phenomenon dragging with it toxic dust and which annihilates life wherever it goes through. The game befalls along some “Days”, each one of them is divided in four “Turns” (6 hours each). The “Stormboard” measures game length and every player must always have an eye on it, because they have to be back inside their Shelters before that one arrives… and it does indeed. As curious note, starting from half the “Stormboard”, every zone becomes more toxic…


    After the games I’ve had, I can tell you that “even though could not be “PvP”, everything suggests that if you are dying from thirst, the Water Source is far away and a nearby survivor has water… you go for it”. Besides, it is the only way of obtaining some objective tokens for your Shelter if another survivor obtained them before. Furthermore It has Mission cards that can be gotten in certain “Zones”, which pretty motivates players interaction, besides “Radio Missions” and “Individual Missions”.


    There will be continuous barter, business in the Trading Bazaar, Mercenaries control, Pathfinding, Dogs or Street Children. Caravan dealing and Gambling Houses; provisionally taking refuge in Camps, to put on a Gas Mask in order to not obtaining too much “Deterioration”, climbing and trying to get out unhurt from “Devastated Zones”. Dragging on Supplies Boxes towards your Shelter, covered in warm clothes to protect you from the outdoor; fights against Predators and Raiders ambushes… and if you can do it in a modified vehicle looking with Binoculars, that´s better, isn´t it?


    General Catastrophes, Event cards, enemies that remain on the board and move, 37 Zones and a different board in each game, 3 different board centers, combat system with a single roll (ALWAYS is resolved with a single roll), making your own weapons and improving them, or find them along the way, personalized missions for each Searcher, and we start with 8 Searchers with two capabilities to choose each one of them… Who said versatility?


    “After The End” is a game from 1 to 4 players that tries to approach a long forgotten theme in board games as far as I know: the fight for survival in the manner of Mad Max, Fallout, I´m Alive or Metro 2033. If you enjoy these masterpieces, without any doubt you should have to check “After The End”.

    Here you don´t lead an army, nor a survivors group, nor a gang, nor a nation… it is just your Searcher against the world and the others Searchers, fighting hard for surviving in a devastated and hostile world, and bringing back to his/her Shelter everything is possible before the Storm comes back…

    I can´t say good bye without telling the reason I did ATE one year and a half ago: I wanted myself a survival game in a post-apocalyptic world, I searched and searched again and I found some titles touching the theme, but not in the way I wanted. So I started to make my own game. Months later, with the prototype finished, I can say I have the game I wanted… and the intention is making it available to whoever wants it.

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