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Achievus is a cooperative board game of positive interaction. The game is about achieving a common goal together with an alliance while reviewing and discussing the 17 Success Principles written by Dr. Napoleon Hill (author of the classic book Think and Grow Rich). When the alliance collects more than 2,000 PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) points together they win the game by accomplishing the highest achievement level. If a player in the alliance loses all of his or her 11 Opportunity Time Tokens the game ends for the alliance. As a result, the players compare their alliance’s PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) point total with a range of achievement levels.

This Achievus board game base set includes two games in one, “Achievus Junior” A.K.A. “Achievus Mind-Set” (2 to 4 players, Ages 7+) and “Achievus Original” A.K.A. “Achievus Challenge” (1 to 4 players, Ages 14+). Achievus game includes 112 Cards, 4 Conscious/Subconscious Mind Boards, 4 Golden Rule Applied Tokens, 60 PMA Point Tokens, 44 Opportunity Time Tokens, 2 Token Bags, and the rules for both original and junior game variations.

Achievus Junior – Game Play Overview

While playing Achievus Junior each player takes a turn in clockwise order to complete a round of play. A player takes his or her turn by following these 5 steps;

Step 1) Draw Step - Draw up to 6 cards, if needed.
Step 2) Call Step - Call out a card to a player for a possible match.
Step 3) Give & Take Step - Give and Take a card with a player.
Step 4) Play Step - May play down any needed pairs for the player’s collection of the 17 principles,
Step 5) Redraw Step - Redraw up to 6 cards.

If the players don’t have a match during Step 2 then the calling player will lose one of his 11 Opportunity Time Tokens. When it’s a match both players add the needed principle card to his or her collection of 17 principle cards. Then they read the principle meaning from the card aloud and discuss it with their alliance. The goal of Achievus Junior is for each player to help one another to collect a card of all 17 principles, without losing all of his or her Opportunity Time Tokens. Only then will the players earn the Golden Rule Applied Tokens, the ultimate achievement of the game.

Achievus Original – Game Play Overview

While Playing Achievus Original, players will experience prosperity and adversity events throughout the game, earning PMA points and Action Stars. All players’ follow these 6 consecutive steps together, each step before the next, to complete a round of play.

Step 1) Draw Step - Each player draws five cards, resolving any adversity or prosperity events.
Step 2) Sacrifice Step - Each player may or may not choose to sacrifice his turn, discarding his cards and losing only one Opportunity Time Token this way.
Step 3) Collect Step - Each player may choose to collect the cards they have previously played in their Conscious Mind Section to earn PMA points and Action Stars or may choose to continue gathering without collecting at this time.
Step 4) Play Step - Each player plays his or her cards in consecutive order in any players’ Conscious Mind Section, earning PMA points for giving.
Step 5) Missed Opportunity Step - Each player loses one of his or her 11 Opportunity Time Tokens for each principle card not played then discards them.
Step 6) Read Step – Read the top discarded principle card. Players then share aloud how they have applied this principle in his or her life with their alliance.

The goal of Achievus Original is to strategize among the alliance to make the best possible plays. Players need to prepare for Adversity Events that may take away the Principle Cards in a player’s Conscious Mind Section. Players work together to gather all 17 Principle Cards in one player’s Conscious Mind Section. When this is accomplished, that player collects the cards (During Step 3) which includes all 17 principle cards. Only then will the players earn the Golden Rule Applied Tokens, the ultimate achievement of the game.

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