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Abyssal Line
Abyssal Line
by analog lunchbox (???????????) (2020)
Player Count
3 to 4

Player Ages

Playing Time
30 minutes to 45 minutes
  • Science Fiction
  • Designers
  • Masaki Suga (?? ??)
  • Mechanisms
  • Rondel
  • Artists
  • Saori Shibata (?? ???)
  • Family
  • Nature Games
  • Occupation: Researcher / Scientist
  • Theme: Under the Sea
  • Theme: Science
  • Rating: 8/10 from 2 users


    In Abyssal Line, you are an oceanographer seeking to cultivate interest in the wonders of the ocean's depths while studying its creatures. To better pursue these goals, you have become the captain of a deep-sea sightseeing vessel. Your passengers expect exciting encounters with mysterious creatures at the bottom of the sea; ensure they have an enjoyable trip, and their satisfaction will increase.

    However, navigating the darkest depths of the ocean is no easy feat. You need to seek inspiration from the creatures that dwell there in order to upgrade your ship's equipment. Doing so will make it easier for you to sail your plotted course.

    You also want to publish your findings as you expand your knowledge of deep sea creatures while piloting your vessel.

    Will you be able to overcome the adversities of the abyss and gain prestige as both deep sea captain and oceanographer?

    —description from the publisher (translated)






    —description from the publisher

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