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A story driven adventure game for 1 to 4 players set in fantasy Britain some 20 years after the death of King Arthur Pendragon.

Each separate game session, or “quest” as it is called in the game, takes about 1 hour to play. Each quest can be won, lost, or even forfeited. The game is over when you have played through all quests listed in a separate questbook.

Each one of the players controls a “hero”. There are four heroes to the so called “party”. The players win the game if they manage to complete the goals of all the quests of the game.

The players will take turns reading aloud from the questbook. At regular intervals the players are allowed to make decisions on where to go and what to do. This affects the outcome of the game session. Whenever a fight occurs, it is played out on a game board made of separate modular tiles. The combat system is quick and focused on tactics and using the hero’s abilities to survive.

During the course of the game the players will be able to improve their heroes abilities, and also her equipment and retinue.

—description from the publisher

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